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Olaf NAVE -

Hello Guys.
What kind of documents do i need to get my number board?
This is my first Mega and I am really looking forward to it.
I will arrive tomorrow and hope to have nice practice the week over.


Does anybody know if the bus shuttle will transfer from Oz on sunday 01.07. too?


This year you couldn`t upload the medical certificate. You have to take it with you.

Jonathan MILES -

Where do we upload the medical certificate? I'll take it with me obviously but I'm sure there was a link to upload it somewhere?


To all the Guys and Gals coming to ride the Mega on your own,
Meet at the Freeride bar (to the left of the ice skating rink) Tuesday evening 7:30pm!
For a couple of drinks, and a good chat about the route etc..

Non-loners welcome to!



Jesse medical link attached below


Megavalanche requires a medical certificate from your Medical Provider/ Personal care provider. Send me your email and I can send you the standard form the Mega use. I'm Nevada USA.

Cheap accomodations." Hotel club les bergers" has relatively cheap accomodations 675.00 euros for 6 days.

Let me know if this help guys.

Richard PENMAN -

Does anyone know of any available hotel accommodations? Just registered, now I need to find a room. Everything on the internet is booked.

Jesse PALMER -

Can anyone confirm if a medical certificate is required? Or if having a racing membership with a MTB club and personal insurance sufficient? Coming from Australia for this!

Christophe GIOVANNELLI -

chris lashley
we are 3 racers from L.A going this year that my 4th mega so knows a bit about it you can email me at
Cheers mate


I'm flying in on the 02 July to LYONS . Still trying to find accommodations in Bergers

Trent BYRNE -

I've got a quote from a company that will shuttle us from Geneva airport to L2A and Alpe De Huez.

However the problem is we need 2 more people to make it a 'shared' transfer.

Would anyone be interested in joining us on Thursday June 28th from GVA to L2A and then on Monday July 9th from Alpe De Huez to GVA? It's 150 euros return.

Or maybe anyone else knows a better way to get from Geneva to the Mega and MOH races?


Is it a good idea to reserve a Hotel in les Bergers?
Let me know


Access to lift rides are looking better on this discussion


Yurii ZAITSEV: I will stay in Huez every year. There is a lift to go to Alpes d'Huez, and it's a less than 5 minutes ride by car so don't worry!


Guys, been stay in Huez(not Alpes de Huez) is so difficult to get to the start every day or no? I see its mounting road but is it far? Will come by my car and can’t find any apartments to stay on this fates(((. Everuthing is a faaar away.



Thanks for the information. Greatly appreciated. It gives me a better picture. I'LL reserved a small room nearby for sure. Im excited and nervous at the same time


Chris Lashley,
There is a van park behind some of the hotels in Les Bergers area, which is good access, small trundle up the hill to the main lift, or you can take the 5 min bus. there is a supermarket nearby too.
Im not a motorhome owner so you would need to research a bit more but hope that helps. best to email Alpe d'huez tourist office. see u in a few months!

Lois SAÏBI -

Bonjour, j'ai bien reçu le mail concernant la licence de notre fils Lois Saibi qui a été refusé car en effet c'est la licence de 2017 .Nos sommes en attente de sa nouvelle licence qui est en cours pour l'année 2018. Je vous ai transmis le document que la FFC nous a renvoyé en attente de sa licence. Cordialement. MME SAIBI


Well, I'm travelling from Nevada USA,so I can't help with the camper. lol

Peter HAYES -

My first time at the Mega- The registration now states my entry has been approved! Which is the best location for the week to be based out of a campervan- not a huge motorhome, just a converted Fiat Ducato? A power Hook up would be good if there are any sites that offer that?


I'm a first time to the Mega. I have to book hotel and Travel to the nearest location to the Mountain. I'm not sure when pre-authorisation gets authorised. I'm excited too.

Johnny CULKIN -

Anyone know when pre-authorisation gets authorised?


I’m rather excited about it all