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Kyle KEEGAN - 5 Years ago

Does anyone have experience with cancellation and getting registration fees back? I took out the cancellation insurance and have sent the organisers a message asking about it but no reply and no refund yet.

Barniol JOSEP - 5 Years ago

hola buenas, mira yo soy josep barniol y realize la inscripcion el mismo dia que se habrieron y no estoi en la lista de inscritos, ha passado algo¿?.
un saludo. josep

Lyle Thomas - 5 Years ago

AHHH i honestly typed that in the correct order!

Lyle Thomas - 5 Years ago

*What chairlift will people be using?

Lyle Thomas - 5 Years ago

What chairlift will people be using?

Jens-Michael PANG - 5 Years ago

Hello Guys, i've got problems paying it via credit card. Is there anothwer way to pay? Maybe via Assignment? Please let me know.
Regards Pang Jens-Michael

David LOGAN - 5 Years ago

Hi guys, anyone staying at Chalet Rois Mage? im heading down form the uk on my own


Roberto PALETTO - 5 Years ago

ho tentato di iscrivere mio figlio alla mega kid,impossibile qualcuno mi spiega come si fa sto sito non si capisce niente

Piotr GRZEŚ - 5 Years ago

I'm looking for accommodation in Alp d'Huez for the duration of the week Megavalanche 4-12 July for two bikers.

Carl STORRIE - 5 Years ago

Hi All,
I'm going to be staying in the Chalet Bruyeres where I stayed last year (great accom and really cheap, check them out on Facebook). Is anyone else staying here? I'm going alone this year so be good to find like minded people.

Fabienne UCC - 5 Years ago

Hi Matt Burgess,

I think that you just have to join the departure line with your identity card and then just rock up and ride.
Sportly yours

Tristan MOREL - 5 Years ago


Pour toute information complémentaire, veuillez contacter directement l'organisation UCC.


L'équipe UCC.

Tristan MOREL - 5 Years ago

Hallo Paul,

Nein, wir haben kein Vordruck für unsere Wettbewerb, das medizinische Zertifikat muss nur "Pratique du VTT en compétition" enthalten.

Schönen Tag.

Matt Burgess - 5 Years ago

Can anyone tell me what is going to happen and how. This web site is next to useless unless you speak french. I've booked and paid, what next? Do I need to print anything? Do I just rock up and ride. HELP!!

Paul HEIDE - 5 Years ago

Gibt es für das medizinische Zertifikat irgendein Vordruck oder welche Richtlinien?

Fabienne UCC - 5 Years ago

Hi Phil Peers,
Could you please send your request to with all the details of your transaction so we can try helping you with this problem
Thank you

Phil Peers - 5 Years ago

this website is so hard to navigate around as there is no translate function into English, I have managed to spend 45 euros on something I didn't need., is there any chance of a refund?

Fabienne UCC - 5 Years ago

Dear Davide
Please let us apologise for answering so late.
You can register to Mega Lid still 9 years old.
Thank you for your patience and your interest

Luke CHARD - 5 Years ago

Anybody from Cardiff/South Wales looking to carpool or roomshare? My mates have pussied out and i'm going on my own!!

Juan BRASAL - 5 Years ago

Does anybody know good value places to stay for 4 students from swansea. Thanks

Davide MERULLA - 5 Years ago

can somebody tell me the minimum age for the mage kids ?
this site is bad that it's impossible to find this info

Graeme OLLEY - 6 Years ago

Done the Mega in 2013 can't wait for this Mega 2015

Marius HEINRICH - 6 Years ago

whoop whoop!

Dene OLLEY - 6 Years ago

1st timer and cannot wait, so exited.

Simon SUMNER - 6 Years ago