Enduro2 Les Arcs 2020 - VTT

The Original Pairs-Format Social Enduro Returns to Les Arcs in 2020
Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th July 2020

One Registration per team of two.

Full details at

Minimum age is 18 years, or 15 years if you are riding in a team with a responsible guardian.

Accommodation Options are available to book at the time of your registration:

Contact the Organisers:
In English:  Ali@Enduro2.fr
In French:  4eventsport@gmail.com

Les Arcs Enduro2 2020 is organised by 4EventSport
Race Director: Geoffry Heuzard
303 Res Elegie
73210 Landry

Enduro2 Global Series is organised by trailAddiction (NZ) Ltd
Group Director:  Ali Jamieson

Enduro2 Les Arcs 2020 - 3 juillet 08h30 (150 équipes maxi) Team race
Boutique de la manifestation
  • Rider Accommodation (Shared) 2 Riders, 3 nights
  • Rider Accommodation (Shared) 2 Riders, 4 nights
  • Rider Accommodation 4 nights 6 riders