Enduro2 (Meribel, French Alps) 2022 - VTT

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Minimum age is 18 years, or 15 years if you are riding in a team with a responsible guardian.
A Medical Certificate or UCI Race Licence is a legal requirement, to race.
(You can add this to your registration up to 14 days before the race).

Entry Options - 3 Day / Full Event
- Enduro2 Team of 2 (TWO) riders (3 Days)
- Enduro2 Team of 3 (THREE) riders (3 Days)

Regular Bike or E-bike category options.

Entry Options: - 1 Day "Special" Event
- Enduro2 "Special" Team of 2 (4 July only)
- Enduro2 "Special" - SOLO (4 July only)

Accommodation Options
Available to book separately:
(NB accommodation is offered separately and independently to your race entry, and is NOT sold as a package).
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In English or French:
[email protected]
(Italian, Spanish and German & Czech are also OK of us to understand - with help from Google Translate!)

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The latest registration date has passed
Team of 2 (TWO) Riders - Full 3-Day Race - 2 juillet (145 équipes maxi) Team race
Enduro2 standard Entry - team of 2
Team of 3 (THREE) Riders - 2 juillet (20 équipes maxi) Team race
Enduro2 3-Day Race, Team of 3 (THREE) riders
1- Day Event (Monday 4th July) Equipe de 2 (DEUX) Pilots - 4 juillet (30 équipes maxi) Team race
1-Day Event (team of 2)

*Local's Deal - strictly for locals and seasonnaires who are based in the 3 Valleys or Tarentaise Area and who are holders of a valid summer season pass for Meribel or the 3 Valleys Area.
1- Day Event (Monday 4th July) SOLO - 2 juillet (30 participants maxi) Solo racing
1-Day Event (SOLO)